National Parents Organization’s Shared Parenting Report Card (2014)

Dozens of states in the county have been considering and advancing Shared Parenting Bills in recent years.

Virginia and Kentucky are just the latest!


Shared Parenting Plans in the News

2/13/19 – Missouri Equal Parenting Bill on the doorsteps (Missouri)

2/5/19 – Advocates say “equal parenting time” custody bill has safeguards in place (Illinois)

1/31/19 – Group seeks shared parenting time in Kansas divorces (Kansas)

1/9/19 – Seeking equal treatment (Indiana)

12/3/18 – Opinion: Shared parenting legislation good for Michigan

9/6/18 – Shared parenting law well received (Kentucky)

7/25/18 – Outdated parenting law is overdue for change (Massachusetts)

7/13/18 – MA passes Shared Parenting Bill (Massachusetts)

6/22/18 – Fathers cry for children (Trinidad and Tobango)

5/23/18 – More states are considering shared parenting bills

5/23/18 – Parents, family lawyers cautiously optimistic about Divorce Act changes (Canada)

5/22/18 – Virginia Makes Family Court Reform History (Virginia)

4/27/18 – National Parents Organization Celebrates Landmark Kentucky Shared Parenting Law (Kentucky) 

4/27/18 – Americans For Equal Shared Parenting Organizes DC Rally, “Capital for Kids” on May 20th

4/27/18 – Promote shared parenting as norm in divorce cases

4/12/18 – State legislators return to Frankfort for final two days of General Assembly (Kentucky)

4/10/18 – Chicago Attorney Jeffery M. Leving to Testify in Springfield on Landmark Illinois Legislation to Provide Divorced Parents Equal Time with Their Children (Illinois)

4/6/18 – Legislature considers child custody, service dog bills as deadline arrives for Greitens committee (Missouri)

4/6/18 – Bills Headed to the Senate (Missouri)

4/5/18 – The National Parents Organization of Pennsylvania on April 4 announced it is organizing a rally on April 25 (Pennsylvania)

4/1/18 – Shared parenting beneficial for children despite conflict

3/26/18 – THE ESTABLISHMENT CREATES FATHERLESS KIDS (2014 study of 110 experts highlighted)

3/3/18 – Virginia considering shared parenting legislation (Virginia)

2/24/18 – The #1 Common Denominator About School Shootings: Fatherlessness. [Facebook required]

2/23/18 – 7 bills from Kansas lawmakers that could affect you (Kansas)

2/23/18 – FULL Judiciary Committee Hearing on Illinois HB 4113 Shared Parenting Bill (Illinois) [Facebook required]


2/21/18 – Show support for state parenting bill (Iowa)

2/17/18 – Special interests block reform to give fathers more rights

2/1/18 – Kansas bill could change child custody cases (Kansas)

1/25/18 – Shared parenting long overdue in Md. (Maryland)

1/5/18 – Maryland needs to bring its child custody policies into the 21st century (Maryland)

12/31/17 – Shared-parenting bills could reshape custody battles (Kentucky)

12/11/17 – More than 20 states in 2017 considered laws to promote shared custody of children after divorce

11/19/17 – Shared parenting helps children following divorces (Virginia)

9/3/17 – New research supports shared custody for children in divorce (Wake Forest University Study)

8/22/17 – Shared-parenting bill is a win for children and parents (Michigan)

6/20/17 – Required joint custody bill passes Michigan House panel (Michigan)

5/26/17 – After divorce, shared parenting is best for children’s health and development (50 studies)

4/12/17 – Kentucky Governor Signs Shared Parenting Law (Kentucky )

2/14/17 – National Parents Organization Urges Washington State Lawmakers to Move Shared Parenting Forward (Washington state)

8/28/16 – New custody law for equal time for dads begins today (Missouri) 

5/18/15 – Utah Shared-Parenting Law is National Model (Utah )

2015 – More States Considering Shared-Parenting Legislation