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We are a diverse group of individuals collaborating on key issues related to family law, including child custody, transparency, judicial accountability, and veteran protections.
Kyle Paskewitz

Kyle Paskewitz

Founder and Executive Director

Kyle is a veteran, parent, and child of divorce whose family has been impacted by unconstitutional and unjust family court policies and decisions. This experience brought into focus for him a multitude of biases and inequities, which drove him to network with thousands of other parents across the country, organizing community advocates, and working with legislators to enact better protections into law.  He is concerned with the long term consequences of unequal treatment in family courts that impact our families, our children, and future generations. It is Kyle’s mission to raise national awareness, to propose, develop and implement solutions that better protect our families and children, and have better processes put into place to ensure that the fundamental rights of both parents are upheld fairly and equally.


Stephanie Walther

Finance Director

Stephanie is the founding member of Parentlink, which is a non-profit organization that aims to provide resources and information to families who are dealing with divorce and custody issues. She believes that a comprehensive approach to solving these issues also includes reforming the family court system. She began working with Family Court Reform USA to provide support and to unify the organizations to work toward achieving a common goal of protecting the family unit.

Stephanie is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has over 20 years experience working in accounting. Stephanie has worked in various capacities including preparing financial statements, conducting trend analysis, and leading process and internal control improvement initiatives.

General Staff

We rely on a variety of volunteers to help run our events, website, content, and more.

Lana McGrady

Parental Equality Advocate

Lana McGrady was raised in a split home with two loving parents, and understands how important cooperative coparenting is and how it affects children long into adulthood. She has seen how the court system incentivizes increased conflict between parents, and how it too often creates bad outcomes for families, such as: separated siblings, courts urging against 50/50 parenting, and many other impractical resolutions.

Rachel Cheng

General Volunteer

Rachel Cheng is an engineer and stepmom, whose advocacy interests are in shared parenting, child support justice, and decreasing the cost and conflict in family court process. In her free time she also volunteers for technical conferences and promoting women in technology.

John Salt

Staff Writer

John Salt is a technical, travel and lifestyle writer. He’s in his forties, a single father, an advocate of shared parenting. John lives in the Front Range near Denver, Colorado, with his son and pug.

Matthew Lockey

General Volunteer

Matthew Lockey believes in equal rights for parents who both love and want to be in the children’s lives. He believes shared parenting is in children’s best interests, and an important issue in this country given its impact. He spends his free time volunteering to make the world a better place for his children, and future generations.

Jonathan Ifrati

General Volunteer and Activist

Jonathan Ifrati has experienced child custody litigation, and understands the problems and inequities in the process. He is actively working in changing the laws regarding family law.

Special Thanks

We appreciate our small and one-time contributors too!

To all of the advocates, organizations, parents and families who continue to support us on our mission to better protect our children and future generations from abuse and injustice.