Father’s Day and Shared Parenting

Father’s Day and Shared Parenting

When my son was born, my father said, “You don’t really know what it means to be a human being until you’re a parent. Welcome to the human...

WA State 2017 Legislative Session

WA State 2017 Legislative Session

During the legislative session, all the legislators across the state are in Olympia five days a week for the entire session duration...

Shared Parenting Plans in the News

2/24/18 – The #1 Common Denominator About School Shootings: Fatherlessness. [Facebook required]

2/23/18 – 7 bills from Kansas lawmakers that could affect you (Kansas)

2/23/18 – FULL Judiciary Committee Hearing on Illinois HB 4113 Shared Parenting Bill (Illinois) [Facebook required]


2/21/18 – Show support for state parenting bill (Iowa)

2/17/18 – Special interests block reform to give fathers more rights

2/1/18 – Kansas bill could change child custody cases (Kansas)

1/25/18 – Shared parenting long overdue in Md. (Maryland)

1/5/18 – Maryland needs to bring its child custody policies into the 21st century (Maryland)

12/31/17 – Shared-parenting bills could reshape custody battles (Kentucky)

12/11/17 – More than 20 states in 2017 considered laws to promote shared custody of children after divorce

11/19/17 – Shared parenting helps children following divorces (Virginia)

9/3/17 – New research supports shared custody for children in divorce (Wake Forest University Study)

8/22/17 – Shared-parenting bill is a win for children and parents (Michigan)

6/20/17 – Required joint custody bill passes Michigan House panel (Michigan)

5/26/17 – After divorce, shared parenting is best for children’s health and development (50 studies)

4/12/17 – Kentucky Governor Signs Shared Parenting Law (Kentucky )

2/14/17 – National Parents Organization Urges Washington State Lawmakers to Move Shared Parenting Forward (Washington state)

8/28/16 – New custody law for equal time for dads begins today (Missouri) 

5/18/15 – Utah Shared-Parenting Law is National Model (Utah )

2015 – More States Considering Shared-Parenting Legislation